Web Design

Creative Development

We have the skill and creative flair to bring your business ideas and goals to life on the web.

Responsive Design

All our websites are designed to display responsively across all desktop and mobile devices.

Simplified Work Process

Our work process is simplified to consolidate all necessary content to develop your website.

Before We Get Started

Domain Name (Website Address)

In order to have a functional website, you must have a registered domain name, otherwise known as the website address (e.g: www.allplumbers.co.za) The domain name registration and it’s subsequent annual renewal fee (usually around R99) is your responsibility. But we can assist you with registering a domain name if you are unsure about how to do so yourself.

If you already have a domain name, you will just need to provide us with the domain login details so that we can build the new site. Bear in mind though, that a registered domain must also have an appropriate hosting package set up on it in order to build the website.

Web Hosting info and Costs

As with the domain name, you must have a web hosting account to run a website. Unlike many other web designers, we are not a hosting reseller and therefore do not charge you for hosting. The hosting fee for your website is entirely your responsibility and is between you and whomever you choose to host your website. This is usually around R50 a month. However, we are happy to assist you with setting up a hosting package or domain registration, if you need assistance.

We do not charge any monthly fees. Once the website is complete to your satisfaction and any outstanding deposit balance is settled, there are no other costs due to us. Monthly hosting will be between you and the hosting service provider. The only time further charges may apply is for future changes/additions/upgrades to the completed website

Web Design Packages

We believe that like a physical shop front, a website is the face of a company’s business and should be attractively crafted to draw customers, and should be functional, interactive and make visiting the website a pleasant, fun experience. For that reason, we offer various web design packages to suit small to large businesses. Our packages can also be customised according to your specific requirements.

Category 1: Starter
R 2399 /Once Off
    • Basic starter web page
    • 1 Landing page layout
    • Perfect for small startups
    • Upgradeable
    • SEO friendly
Category 2: Intermediate
R 4999 /Once Off
    • Easy to self-manage
    • 4 - 5 Page layout
    • Mid-sized businesses
    • Upgradable
    • SEO friendly
Category 3: Premium
R 9999+ /Once Off
    • Database driven content management system
    • Multi-page layout
    • Ideal for larger companies
    • SEO friendly
Category 4: E-commerce
R 15000+ /Varies
    • Fully functional cart & payment gateway
    • Multiple products
    • Request consultation for pricing